Mediaclub audit (2020)

Continuing the discussion from talkgroup audit (2020):

I’m not sure how #mediaclub will be archived. I like the idea of creating shrines to relevant media, but the current landscape of media companies and culture generation generally makes me sick to my stomach, and the real value I’ve found from mediaclub is hearing the personal stories folks have about the cultural artifacts they’ve interacted with.

I’ve pre-seeded mediaclub with random blog posts going back to 2008, many of which were general knowledge notes about something. An example is Appleseed Ex Machina Original Soundtrack listing. In 2008 having a physical disc jacket to access that info was really useful, today it is easier to track down than ever, so that bit of content can change into something else, serving as a bookmark to my personal experience with the album in question.

I’ll think on this. In the meantime…

Mute mediaclub by default?
  • Mediaclub should be muted
  • Mediaclub should show to everyone by default

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