mediacult, a place for non-gaming culture

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mediacult as category.

I’ve used this as a shorthand for the non-gaming stuff I talk about. It comes from “media culture”, but with a nod that we be kinda obsessed when it comes to our stories.

Community, Legion, and Legends of Galactic Heroes aren’t gonna watch themselves and then discuss it with their friends… unless they do… OMG, did I just make an awesome podcast, or what?

Anyhow, when I want to talk about shows, I post it in #interi. What do you do? Where ya gonna post them?

I think of it as an AV club, book club, cinema club, and music club. So I will also go with mediaclub.

Okay, whatcha think? :slight_smile:


Uggghh… hadn’t gotten that far.

This sounds froody to me.

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Would mediacult discourage a contribution? Is mediaclub more welcoming? Should we call it Genshiken (no! we are more than visual media!)?

Oh oh! How about “Media and Culture”, but we #mediacult?! Similar to #scitech, which goes to “Science and Technology”.

OMG, so thankful we have 4 votes now. :face_with_monocle:

Anyone have other ideas they want to discuss?

Holding at an even split, I’ve decided the category will be mediaclub. mediacult will be the “academic” journal I use to publish the results of the club discussion. :face_with_monocle:

Active at #mediaclub!