Does that refer to the “Classics” coming out? Console shaped hardware with ROMs pre-loaded? I didn’t know if the VCS was a new console or a classic thing… I’d never buy a console to play classic Atari games… :slight_smile:

I haven’t paid close attention to it recently, but the VCS appears to be trying to do both. Like it will run new games, and have a retro aesthetic; but it will have classic games in some sort of digital storefront and may have some preinstalled.

What I mean by Microconsoles:

Devices that are lower powered less expensive compared to modern consoles, usually with a smaller physical form factor; that otherwise are still game consoles with some sort of source of new games. ( Not just prepackaged roms + emulators ). Such a source of new games could be indie developers or could be more traditional game industry sources or some combination thereof.

Im less interested in the “classic” consoles coming out. Without hacking them, their kind of designed to be disposable. Finish or get bored of the prepackaged games and you can’t install any others; soon it will collect dust. One could hack them, but if im going to buy it and it only has lasting value if I hack it, I might as well just play roms on a raspberryPi / orangePi / Pine64 / etc OR any other computer like device in my apartment.