More space, less "books"

We did some house cleaning today, which consisted of clearing off the main work/dining/play table. It had collected a few months worth of physical mail and random things from my pockets. We had the shredder going for a good half hour, but we made it.

In the process of cleaning the living room we starting using a large bag for taking to the donation box on Channing. I already had two stacks of books (mostly manga) that I wanted to redistribute, but it was too much for me to carry anywhere that would take them. So we decided to get a car from City Car Share for an hour to run the bag over and go to Half Price Books.

We ended up filling two banker’s boxes full of books. I left Susan alone for a few minutes when I went to the car for the second box, but fortunately she only found six books to take home. They were all children’s books, so at least two-thirds of our family will enjoy them.

Now I have large holes in my books shelves, but I have more banker’s boxes in the closet full of crap, very little of which will fill in the gaps. One thing that I am habituated to is using the tablet for nearly everything I used paper for before, which was reading and writing. I sometimes made paper airplanes, and I will make sure to keep paper around if the very act of its destruction causes so much laughter in our home.

It is really nice to have a device that simplifies my life and allows me to remove things that I need to be responsible for. To quote one particular commenter, “the things you own end up owning you.”