Moving completed quests to different/sub-category

You ever notice how looking at votes is not that useful?

How to see what’s good and open for questing? I proposed we configure not showing closed/archived/solved topics in the Votes view, and got a reply:

Create a new category for “Approved Proposals” and close & move topics there after they had enough votes to pass?

Because the voting system is made for communities to vote for products and that kind of feedback, the suggestion makes a lot of sense. And it might make sense for #quest-board as well. We could just move the topic into a more appropriate space. So quest board is the voting and discussion space, and when someone decides to complete a quest, they take it out of queue and put it where that discussion can happen.

Then the questing could happen in the same topic that started it, something I think seems natural to most of us, based on how we approach it.

Whatcha think? :slight_smile:

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I’ve started doing this, and realized the quests should be created to allow them to become the info post for itself.

That makes a lot of sense!

#prudence is a wiki category, so that’s a default landing place for Discovery quests.