Moving completed quests to different/sub-category

You ever notice how looking at votes is not that useful?

How to see what’s good and open for questing? I proposed we configure not showing closed/archived/solved topics in the Votes view, and got a reply:

Create a new category for “Approved Proposals” and close & move topics there after they had enough votes to pass?

Because the voting system is made for communities to vote for products and that kind of feedback, the suggestion makes a lot of sense. And it might make sense for #quest-board as well. We could just move the topic into a more appropriate space. So quest board is the voting and discussion space, and when someone decides to complete a quest, they take it out of queue and put it where that discussion can happen.

Then the questing could happen in the same topic that started it, something I think seems natural to most of us, based on how we approach it.

Whatcha think? :slight_smile:

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I’ve started doing this, and realized the quests should be created to allow them to become the info post for itself.

That makes a lot of sense!

#prudence is a wiki category, so that’s a default landing place for Discovery quests.

Having implemented the policy, the list by votes URL ( now shows the expected items:

We don’t have a standard understanding of what a “quest” is, and subsequently don’t define a “complete” status. I know that would be helpful, perhaps, but I like just letting folks throw votes at things, and then taking on the challenge of “how do we do this thing”, with each quest.

In this sense each person brings their “way” of questing to the board, expressed by the quest itself. I form my in a particular way, but then I go look at other quests because I like doing things with others and because I get board of my structure and want to be challenged and moved.

I’m open to other perspectives, of course. :slight_smile: