Muted Miles

Continuing the discussion from Rebuilding Susan's music library:

This is the album that Susan would take to a deserted island. And for the longest time I’ve searched for a hi-res version. There is one place online I can get the FLAC, but they have an insecure checkout and seem sketchy, and really, why the hell am I having so much trouble tracking down this album?!

Well, because it was “cut” in 2008, taken from a catalog! And MusicBrainz really steps up here:

I doubt I’ll find a reliable copy of those tracks, but with those records I can track it down from the Miles Davis discography I have somewhere in FLAC…

And when I do, we’ll give it a listen! :slight_smile:

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Okay, here are all the recordings in MB for the first track:

I’ll look at those releases, see if I have one in my archive.