my Buy Nothing Group finds and giveaways

As mentioned in my daily large piece of wood:

I have joined my local Buy Nothing group!

You can find yours here too! They’re all fb groups right now. I found out about it from an old friend who was in one when she lived in the sfbay and is now starting a new one where she moved.

I have given away;

  • my old burton snowboarding boots
  • my old burton snowboarding bag

I have just acquired:

  • a wonderful outdoor table and chair, originally green and then painted yellow by its previous owner. i loves it. clover said “your table looks terrible!” lol because it was outside for years.
  • a matching big rectangle coffee table and square but taller end table
  • an ergonomic dell wired usb keyboard
  • four weird lego-compatible strips to mount legos
  • a buuuunch of iris rhisomes! and some mountain sage! i’ve planted the sage in little boxes but haven’t planted the irises yet. i also brought the irises to the Double Union herb workshop Dash ran on saturday, and gave a bunch away. that feels awesome.
  • a box of star wars popsicles

it’s great and i recommend it!

it’s just that they organize on fb. of course i have a fantasy of helping them migrate off, perhaps to a discourse. but later.



  • mirror
  • toaster oven

gave away:

  • cd case
  • little camping bowls


  • star wars sheets
  • candlemaking kit with shredded bits of wax and some wicks
  • beverage can cozies
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Damn, that’s like a chronological tour of my life!

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  • two MORE beverage can cozies lol
  • a puzzle for puzzles for justice tonight

trying to give away, let’s see if there are any takers:

  • a lot of aloe plants
  • some bamboo (someone’s coming tmrw to take a look and maybe dig some out of the ground to take, and also teach me how to pot it to use as a visual screen! i’m excited)
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gave away:

  • nine bubble-wrap-style shipping envelopes. i knew i hung on to them for someone, somewhere!


  • a nerf gun, lol
  • a tiny baby groot for our halloween plans

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Re: Agnostic game controller for large hands? - #13 by maiki, if you find any PC game controllers, grab them! :slight_smile: