my Paragon Induction Cooktop (FirstBuild)

Continuing the discussion from A Complete Guide to Sous Vide Packaging—Safety, Sustainability, and Sourcing (ChefSteps):

I would like to offer my induction cooktop to #borrowers. It is electric: you plug it into the wall. It is quite light.

In “direct mode,” you place the induction-capable cookware directly on top of the cooktop, and use buttons present on the machine to select a number between 1 and 10 and press “start” to make the cookware hot. (A light shows up over “direct mode” to show that you’re not using the silicone temperature-sensing mat.)

In temperature-sensing-mat mode, you place a red silicone mat directly on the cooktop, then you place your cookware on top of that mat. You plug a bluetooth module into the silicone mat, which has a temperature sensor in the center. The module automatically syncs with the cooktop (no phone required for that). You then connect the module to your phone via bluetooth (in the FirstBuild app), and then the “direct mode” light will be off (because your cookware is not “directly” on the cooking surface). Now you can monitor the exact temperature (to the degree) of your cookware.

In sous-vide mode, you have to use the phone … You unplug the bluetooth module from the silicone mat (and put the mat away), and plug it into this separate wand looking thing with a probe at the end that also senses temperature. It clips over the edge of the (induction-capable) pot, and magnetically holds itself so that the temperature probe is facing downwards into the water. I have not tried this mode at all yet. I’ve tried it and it works great!

Open questions:

  • can it be powered by my camping battery?
  • can it be powered by a car? Is there a 12-volt inverter we could use or something?