my wok is definitely not on fire



hahahaha…ahhh. i put more oil in it while it was already VERY hot cuz i was seasoning it and the extra oil immediately went up in flames. i covered it with its cover and moved it off heat and turned off the stove. hahaha

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The real story is that dinosaur ladle majestically viewing their domain.


I like the think the prologue had something to do with the sudden need to place a DIY air filter in front of a toaster oven. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yeah! and what’s the story with that owl? are the owl and the dino nessie ledge friends or frenemies?

It looks way too close to the knives to just be friends…

naw the knives are practitioners of nonbiolent communication. that’s why they’re sitting in an orderly row

So… they can talk to the owl and nessie, but not us?

Also, I heard nessis is kind of a mess. The sort to bite the hand that ladles…