Mystic Dungeon BBS

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So I’ve got my Mystic Dungeon BBS up!

telnet 1666

BBS - Mark writes for more information.

The main attraction is the Mystic Dungeon doorgame I’m developing, an adventure/rogue type game. I’d like to get a few more random playtesters before I throw it open to everyone.


Can’t seem to hit your web address from the VPN.

Web address for my blog, or for the BBS?

The BBS itself has no web server, it’s only telnet on a digitalocean droplet. My blog at has some basic instructions for getting in.

Was trying to hit your link to your blog for more info before I tried connecting to the BBS propper.

Dunno, then, the blog’s on dreamhost, should be reachable everywhere.

It’s possible dreamhost is blocking IPVanish then or some of their exit IPs. I mostly use VPN when im not on my home connection, so ill dial it up later.

So what BBS software are you using? And what actually goes into developing a door game in modernity?

The BBS is Mystic, I’m mostly stock but slowly changing out the menus and art to fit my aesthetic. It has a great ANSI editor, but there’s dozens or hundreds of files and fields to fix.

Won’t help if you can’t reach the blog, but I did a dev post:

I’m mostly recreating what I recall of Dark Lord’s Castle, Assassin, and my old Delver doorgame; back in the '80s writing C, it took me 6+ months to make something usable. With modern tools, 30 years of improved skills, and Python it took a few days to have the basics working and a couple hours each night since.


I didn’t have time tonight to dig into the roguelike, but will deffinitely dive deeper into that!

The only telnet BBSes ive tried in modernity have required pretty specialized telnet clients, my default tmux session plus my distro’s default telnet binary seemed to handle the graphics fine. That was kinda a pleasant surprise. Is that something of your doing? The default for Mystic BBS or just happenstance? Or did the other two telnet BBS’s I tried previously just suck somehow?

I used to use dial up BBS’s frequently back when that could be done; but im still kinda ignorant on the whole telnet BBS scene.


Mystic defaults to DOS CP437, but can be switched to UTF-8 and converts all its own graphics on the fly, which most modern terminals deal with nicely. So I’m definitely violating some “old-school” sensibilities there, an actual '80s computer can’t use it but any modern system can. It’ll be even more so when I get ssh set up; I’d rather have security than completely accurate recreation.


Finally got the domain set up:


New updates to Mystic Dungeon, and a small new doorgame. Check it out!