Natl Resource List -- Minneapolis Uprising & Beyond

i would love to ask for permission to mirror the content on something that isn’t google drive. edited to add: i asked here:

as a start, this is the introduction page of the spreadsheet, which says we can share the link with anyone:

What Is This Spreadsheet?
Tab 1: General Info (You Are Here!)
Tab 2: Legal Services and Bail Support
Tab 3: Advice for Protesting and Social Media
Tab 4: Bail Funds, Memorial Funds, Organizations & Mutual Aid
Tab 5: International Solidarity and Resources
Tab 6: Misc Mutual Aid and Community Projects
How Can I Request That Material Be Added Or Edited? – If you’re making a correction, please tell me WHAT you’re correcting. IE. “Connecticut Bail Fund Link”
If you believe that there is any information missing, or that information here needs to be updated, reach out by Twitter or Instagram at @BotanicalDyke. I am also temporarily available via email at I am not granting editing access to preserve the integrity of the document! Many of my comrades have made similar documents, granted editing access, and had the materials deleted or significantly edited.
Also, this information is being compiled to support organizers first and foremost. Some organizers have indicated that donating to prominent, national civil rights organizations in hopes that their resources will “trickle down” to people on the ground is unhelpful. For this reason, I’ve tried my hardest to limit the organizations I list to local chapters of nat’l organizations, community bail funds, mutual aid and community-controlled projects.
How Can I Credit or Compensate You?
You do not need my permission to share the document on social media, to include the link in your bio, or to include the link in other docs or spreadsheets compiling information. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH WHOMEVER NEEDS IT.
If you want to credit me, please use my Twitter or Instagram: @babyindifera. Credit does not matter to me, but I appreciate people being honest about who created this document :slight_smile: This work is for the movement. If you don’t credit me, I don’t mind at all. Just want to increase access to information!
As far as compensation goes, my PayPal is linked. On my Instagram, I’ve started posting reading lists and will be doing more anti-racist content creation. I’m also a writer. My website is linked here. Most of the tips I’ve recieved have been redistributed to the funds in this document. Do not tip me if you have not donated to the movement. I’d rather be compensated for the other work I do. Thanks, everyone!