need: low resource sysadmin monitoring tool

I need to start doing some simple monitoring of the personal servers I manage; things like memory usage and such, watching is certain processes aren’t there anymore, etc.

What are good tools for that? I feel like *nix must have some pretty great things for this. Most of what I’ve used at jobs are web based things, which are SaaS, and I don’t really think that’s needed here.

Any experience and/or suggestions appreciated!

O/S is debian everywhere.

The only thing Ive ever used for this is Nagios but only in a work capacity. Ive not ever set it up on a personal server though;

For personal servers, I kind of just rely on daily or weekly reports emailed to me via cronjobs. I’ve got a rule on my mailbox which autosorts them into the right folder, and I check on that folder periodically from time to time.

Oh, thanks for that; I couldn’t recall the name of that. I interacted a little with some Nagios checks when I worked at Dark Horse. I think I’ll put that on my short list to learn!

Off the top of my head:

@tim, did you find a tool that met your need? :slight_smile:

No, although I haven’t done anything after creating this post. :blush:

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