Nelvana of the Northern Lights

This Kickstarter campaign interests me, Nelvana of the Northern Lights. You should read about how the Golden Age of Canadian Comics happened, and it is worth noting that Nelvana is Canada’s first comic super heroine.

They’ve already hit their goal, so that means it will be reprinted. I won’t be supporting it with funds. Projects either have to be licensed in a way that encourages reuse of the content, or it has to be meaningful enough for me to swallow that requirement. I haven’t read it, so I can’t be sure if Nelvana will escape the dastardly clutches of comic-infused misogyny. Hears hoping for some progressive 40’s creators, and an eventual withdrawal of harmful copyright laws. :slight_smile:

We recently watched Frozen, and Nelvana’s name reminds me of a conversations from it.

“Wait, your engaged to someone you just met from Canada? What’s their last name?”
“…of the Northern Lights…”