New tablet

Posting this from the WordPress app on a Galaxy Tab.

I am a tad delerious, techo-NRE plus sleep depravation will do that. ^_^

Cool, I’m curious to here how writing on it will be. Reading on tablets seems pretty awesome, I just have no experience with them in terms of other uses.

Well, let me answer you from the device. It is obviously not going to be as fast as a dedicated keyboard. However, I find it easier type on than my Nexus One.

I think that it will serve me well, for the note taking and writing I do. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome. I wish I had a use for one, but I don’t do enough writing. I’m waiting until tablets have nice pen pressure sensitivity for drawing/painting. Then I’ll bet set :slight_smile:

I heard about a device they’re working on at Adobe. It’s a brush, like for painting, and it has something like six directions of sensing movement–up and down, left and right, pressure, angle of brush to “paper”, and the TWIST of your brush. haha.

I wanted to add that I can use a keyboard with it as well. Like the one I am typing this reply on. :slight_smile:

The Bluetooth works well, and the keyboard is only slighty larger than the device. In some of my coats, I could just stick them both in my pocket. Today I am carrying a bag, and bringing the keyboard with me, so I can write some things while I am out; most of the time I won’t bring it, though.

I will write a follow up post giving my impressions of it so far. The short of it is that I am glad I got it!