new year is arbitrary. embrace it!

I’ve been spreading the cheer, though I may run out of steam, it is almost too later into the year to still wish folks, “happy new year!” But I’ll keep at it.

It is a chaos miracle, that spell. It creates wild space, where people surprise themselves as much as you. They might become delighted, or fazed, or grumpy, but almost always intense. Or maybe in present tense.

I hate holidays, especially those celebrated by the sheeple, amirite?! But as a chaos mage, I’ve got to hand it to the ancients! Here is a group of humans, vastly less intelligent than us, and yet they created a break off point to keep themselves sane. Sure, we have seasons, but they blend into each other softly, blur even more in memory, but a passion, a failure, these are jarring and daily, and grind down one’s soul.

And ancients, they were like, “nah, see, we gotta put a cap on this. We don’t get anything done, and feel like super guilty, aside from all the oppression us calendar makers do on the others, so let’s break this up into manageable components. We’ll all do resolutions a little bit after that dead dude’s “birthday”, you know after the period we put aside for all the extra days, hours, and seconds? Clear the stack, new resolutions! Whoo!” But in old timey accents.

Anyhow, what I’m saying is, 2016 sucked. 2017 sucked. 2018 sucked the most for our family. So fuck those years! Thanks for the handy shorthand to reference those sucky time periods, old timey ancients!

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


I’m also looking forward to putting certain things behind me, and a change in the numerical year makes a good place to do so. Happy New Year! :grin: