NGINX to Join F5: Proud to Finish One Chapter and Excited to Start the Next -...

UGH, I just saw this. This seems like bad news, though hopefully we’ll get a similar experience as MySQL when it got bought by Oracle. (namely, MariaDB springing from a fork).

So I wasn’t entirely aware NGINX was pseudo backed by a for profit company; and I don’t know much about F5, though the general vibe around people I follow on this has been negative.

Anyone wanna fill me in on the speculatory storm clouds?

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I wasn’t either. And I just spent my spare time in the last ~2 months getting more familiar w/NGINX too. vhosts, etc. :confused:

I’m not overly worried. I knew about the funding, as Automattic funded them back in 2014.

I mean, I know nothing about F5. And Oracle is the worst, but I do like MariaDB, so swings and roundabouts! :slight_smile:

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