No Joke: Pleroma now offers BBS/SSH Functionality

I’ll be honest… this is gonna either wreck or liberate my warez taxonomy… :face_with_monocle:

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Chat is probably the most interesting of those. We already have a local-only chat box on Pleroma instances, but this new, enhanced chat, will federate over AP. My plans for it are to make it an IRC server that federates, so you’ll be able to use it with an IRC client or with our Pleroma chat interface.

MAN. Everytime I turn around the universe keeps daring me to setup a Citadel server/BBS. Kinda wish I had a use case for it.

Im not groking something. As IRC is allready a federated network. It’s one of those that was federating before it was cool. Like email and usenet and RSS and whatnot.

I guess the implication is that there will be an IRC bridge/proxy/front end to their existing federated chat, so that people can connect with IRC clients but it feels a little backwards to me. From the perspective of IRC, your just forking IRC into an incompatible variant. Why not go through Bitlebee if your an IRC junky?

Then again I found it cool when I could use GNU Social Clients with Friendics. So there probably is value from that angle.

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