Note to self, via jabber

I use my jabber account as a scratchpad. It’s seriously great!

First of all, it works on all my devices. With OMEMO, even if I didn’t control the server I can be sure only I am getting the messages. But also, I can send myself files. I load contacts onto phones that way, move images around, and sometimes even weirder files.

My mobile devices are configured to forget messages after a couple of days, so for timely notes it works great. And I normally have a desktop computer somewhere keeping a log of all my messages, so I use it to jot down stuff for later, as well (in the rare case I have my phone and not a pen and paper on me).

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this, and then I see about five inches from this prompt…

So, okay, I’m really into this tip. Why? Because, well…

I don’t have this issue. And jabber solves it for me. :sunglasses: