Oct 22, 2020

Ira is getting so big! He knows quite a few words now. “Uh-oh” works for dropping things on accident as well as hiding or throwing things on purpose. “Boo” works for both playing peekaboo and finding something that was previously hidden. “Up” and “More” have joined the party too. He’s also figured out that when we give him hot food we make him wait until we’ve blown on it sufficiently before we let him touch it. So he’s started to blow on just about everything we don’t let him touch just in case that works: the trash, the kitty litter box, the fireplace, our food, coffee, the stove, etc.

Started a new job at Portland startup Koan. They have a web app that does OKRs, metrics, goals, weekly reflections on achieving the above. So kind of the aim is “leadership software that your reports will actually want to use”. They hired me as a Senior Full-Stack Dev, and it’s back to a small scrappy team working on big projects.

Everybody has been really kind so far, I think they really try to live by the values they claim their software is meant to instill, which is good. Had a long conversation the other day with the other Senior back-end focused developer (coincidentally also named Dan) and we agree 100% on the direction the codebase should be taking over the next few years, which is great.

Even with everything outside of my little bubble going to horseshit this year, I feel really blessed to have a growing, healthy family and the job mobility to be finding somewhere that works for me even in a year like this.


Congratulations for the new work.

We had a standing heater stove in our cottage, and the whole thing would heat up. We would hold our hands out to warm, and say, “Hot!”, but kinda sub-vocalized, like a loud a whisper.

As Clover got older (age 2) and would give walking tours of both rooms in our cottage, e would stop by the stove and tell tourists, “hot!” in a loud whisper. It was so cute and consistent, we just say that now. Even folks that don’t live with us! :slight_smile:


I still stage-whisper “HOT!!!” at stoves in honor of baby Clover!

It was my bday! We sat at the beach, and played jackbox party pack 7 for the first time, with some of us sitting out in the backyard, where you can still see the tv. Lol quaranbday!

It was a good birthday weekend!

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stability is worth a lot! congrats =)

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Ah, that’s how I’ll describe it: stage-whisper! Kids are so funny!