Of Mice and Mugs

Apparently @susan has complained enough to our friends about me trying to use eir coffee mug, it comes up in conversation when Susan isn’t around!

I had replied that it was one of our cute couple quirks, we have something silly to argue about, keeps us sassy, etc. But sure enough as we are walking around IKEA Susan calls me and insists I get a big mug! Ho ho ho, no more couple’s banter for us, it’s serious!

Fortunately a keen eye found just the solution to this metaphorical gauntlet thrown upon the ground. Was it this kawaii blue-spotted mug that reminds Susan of the plates e got in eir first apartment?

Nope! Then I’d have to sit across from Susan every morning and look super cute sipping from the mug, and that’s not satisfying enough for how vindictive I felt at that moment. No, I obtained a mug that is obviously too big, and includes an awkward scrambled egg shape saucer that won’t fit anywhere.

How does it compare to the former shot glass"coffee mug"?

We’ve been on the run since I got it, so I only got to drink from it this morning. Here it is next to my tea pot:

No lessons were learned in the making of this story.


needs more shots of mug with GIANT SAUCER! and of ridiculous things upon the saucer while it is also holding the mug that is holding coffee! like cookies. and maybe faeries.


Here is a funny photo of date bars next to the mug:

It’s funny because the date bars are huge! They are larger than normal, and it makes the mug seem a normal size. :slight_smile:

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what a completely reasonable mug next to adorably tiny date bars!

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