Offline archives of hypertext repos

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Suddenly got really interested in producing offline hypertext repos. Because I’d like to see how I could distribute them via various package managers.

You could keep a blog this way. You could keep a group blog this way. Folks just update when they feel like it.

I’d like to keep a version of as an offline archive. Not sure about binary assets, maybe an additional repo?

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I also want to learn how progressive web apps will adapt to WASM and other web engines that aren’t javascript. Can we can HTML archives that smartly interact with a web server to update the local cache, in a way that we all expect? I really like the idea of hypertext document books having all the strengths of HTML, with the ability to update in a way that respects the users (and server processes!).

And if they are exposed at the browser level, you could push our your doc, and the user-agent would decide how and when to update. We really should be looking more into UA-UI.


Package manager of distributed (and or offline) version control? Im picturing libraries of subject matter available as git or fossil repos offline or online.

I think version control would be a strength here; because users could roll back any change they need to while still have all possible versions of the document at their fingertips.

Our fantasy web browser needs a local-file-system git protocol transport. Probably with an option to fetch updates from the remote origin.

A Generic Guide to *Nix Systems
Fantasy Web Browser

i didn’t have anything to add but this, and i didn’t even really commit to the joke. really force pushing it here. can you blame me?


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