On my mind

I don’t like writing sappy things, but I also want to be honest, so here goes… We are having a baby!

That is the first thought in my head when I wake up, and the last one when I am falling asleep. I think it all day long.

I was discussing confidence and the standards we hold ourselves to, and my friend was describing themselves in terms that I understood, because for the last few years I’ve had this struggle to not be discouraged with the work I do. I knew in my head it was all a matter of confidence, but that didn’t help much. Actually, it did help a lot, but it was still an issue for me.

As I was saying this I realized that my priorities have shifted, and not unexpectedly. If the flattering words from everyone I talk to are any indication, I am going to have an easy time being a parent, and it is something that I am obviously looking forward to. My perception is very different now, and I feel that I can easily handle what were most recently daunting tasks.

Awesome! :slight_smile: