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Continuing the discussion from In the beginning… a filesystem:

If you thought those were cool, check out:

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Two things make me happy about this comic (well, aside from it existing, which is pretty cool!):

  1. It was based on a real conversation, and
  2. It caused so. Much. Drama! :slight_smile:

I make a reference to it:

Folks thought we were producing commentary on gender roles. Or something. And there was strong language in the commentary about it. It was freaky, and I realized how much I didn’t care to participate in society in this way.

That art is so cute, especially the kitten moccasins.

It’s exceptional for me to be competitive. Unless Magic: The Gathering or the nuances of necrophilia are involved…

This continues to the next comic, so check back for our wacky-also-based-on-real-conversation analysis of this timeless question!

Also, I bet one day there will be a mutate phase.

Sorry folks, Pandemic-Firestorm 2020 caused some disturbance with my network connection…

Okay, the stunning conclusion:

Hahaha, I really love this, because it shows that we were just really weird people, and I find that oddly comforting… :thinking:

Oh yeah, the gnomes…

OMG this one has sooooo many hilarious things going on.



@susan’s green jacket!

These art styles are so distinct, even between panels in single strips. Very :sunglasses:!


This one has so much cute overload, it’s hard to see all the little amazing details everywhere!

Does anyone remember Arobo Illustrobot? I mean, before it went to a subscription service.

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It was really dangerous to walk around our neighborhood for a while…

We will always have LEGO Thriller… (youtube-dl

Have you noticed how the artist like to make me cry?! I start out shocked and slowly turn more gooey-cute:



OMG, my hair is so cute!


At this point in the comic run folks were talking about it in a few spaces and everyone read into every panel, finding some hidden gender commentary. So we decided to troll them. :slight_smile:

Aw, remember when we cared about things happening in far-flung 2009? :cry:

BTW, my new hobby: collecting thumbnails of comic-maiki!



Goodness, Magnolia must be the cutest character in this comic!


I don’t know where I’m gonna use this, yet… it makes me want to build a cute Goblin deck…


The art style in this strip is amazing, especially the gasp panel. :slight_smile:

This keeps me chuckling so much, because the in-verse continuity really fuzzies the line on who is allied with the gnomes. Was Magnolia trying to get Brainpan the deli slicer? Was Magnolia trying to freak Patience out? Who knows?



This combines two important attributes we had at the time: our general disinterest in each other’s well-being and our constant struggle to pay rent.


Patience looks really cool in the doorway, like an alien with a quest note!


Not that I even know…


And there it is! Another ground-breaking comic, ended by finals.


I look seriously worried:


Aw, this was fun, and, um, nostalgic? And now I’ve ensured these are still replicating! :slight_smile:

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My next step is to create an “archive” for 1mr, published on, and shared on

I find that process fascinating! But also, once I get that in place I can stash my personal copies of all these files into a cold place, and basically let it go. This is part of an ongoing experiment in preserving personal cultural digital relics long term. :sunglasses: