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Continuing the discussion from In the beginning… a filesystem:

If you thought those were cool, check out:

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Two things make me happy about this comic (well, aside from it existing, which is pretty cool!):

  1. It was based on a real conversation, and
  2. It caused so. Much. Drama! :slight_smile:

I make a reference to it:

Folks thought we were producing commentary on gender roles. Or something. And there was strong language in the commentary about it. It was freaky, and I realized how much I didn’t care to participate in society in this way.

That art is so cute, especially the kitten moccasins.

It’s exceptional for me to be competitive. Unless Magic: The Gathering or the nuances of necrophilia are involved…

This continues to the next comic, so check back for our wacky-also-based-on-real-conversation analysis of this timeless question!

Also, I bet one day there will be a mutate phase.

Sorry folks, Pandemic-Firestorm 2020 caused some disturbance with my network connection…

Okay, the stunning conclusion:

Hahaha, I really love this, because it shows that we were just really weird people, and I find that oddly comforting… :thinking:

Oh yeah, the gnomes…

OMG this one has sooooo many hilarious things going on.



@susan’s green jacket!

These art styles are so distinct, even between panels in single strips. Very :sunglasses:!

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