Open hardware projects that stall out (or are stalling out).

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Got reminded of both the PPC Notebook project and the Neo900 projects today and it got me thinking, that their are quite a lot of open hardware projects that despite seeming good planning and a lot of momentum stall out.

Kind of wondering if it’s worthwhile to catalog the ones we are aware of and look for commonalities.

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Does considering such a directory inform your thoughts at What is a hardware page?? I think such a directory certain serves our purposes. :slight_smile:

In a kind of round about way it might be a good way of determining factors of likely success, so we can think look for those factors specifically in our hardware page right? Is that what your getting at there?


I think so. It might be a notable field to say how a device came about: megacorp, skunkworks (like the Sputnik/Dell program that produces the XPS13 DE I use), crowdfunded, refurbished, etc.

Also, it occurs to me: do folks running hardware crowdfunding research all over hardware crowdfunding efforts? Is that information available somewhere? I mean, if we looks are so-called free and open hardware projects are being more akin than in competition, that is also an interesting list/database to keep available to everyone.

Eh, that is probably overselling that, btw. It was a nearby example that kinda caught my meaning. There was internal agitators that got the program working, one in particular, but it wasn’t exactly skunkworks. :slight_smile: