open source licenses that exclude fascists?

i know they exist but i can’t find them.

i see GitHub - jamiebuilds/anti-fascist-mit-license: MIT license with additional text to prohibit use by fascists which has a few sentences about how if you’re not a fascist, go ahead, but if you are or your work supports fascism, then you must donate to an org in a list, send the author a receipt, and they’ll send you a license that is unmodified MIT. interesting.

I’ve seen some, but didn’t otherwise note them.

I hate “commercialism”, but I can’t define it in a court, so Non-Commercial is useless. Well, except as a symbol. We can’t sue people for being fascist. So I personally don’t want a symbol to get in the way of the legal understanding of the license.

Also, fascists created the copyright system, and CC0 is the least sucky way to work within it. :slight_smile: