Opening Inform (notes from Narrascope 2019 talk)

Opening Inform

This just came across my way via HN, and I thought it was really cool!

I saw @trashHeap was talking about this eventuality a while back and it’s finally happening! it’s not happening til Autumn and was announced in June, so I guess this is actually what he was talking about. Whoops :upside_down_face:

Very cool to see such a large literate programming project, and also to see how much work has gone into the NLP frontend.


Yes! I am very excited for this. Ive been going through the Inform 7 Handbook and getting the IDE running on my laptop in preparation.

I am curious to see their FLOSS license. It’s supposed to be Artistic 2.0 + some extra clauses from the Bison license. Inform is a language which does a lot ot of code generation in it’s pipeline (with even more code generation planned.)

I’ve got little worries of it having some sort of non FLOSS bits in there. Im more curious from the standpoint that ive not seen anyone do that with the Artistic 2.0 license before.