Operation Ajax / All the Shah's Men, works on the 1953 Iranian coup

Continuing the discussion from Persepolis, angry reading:

In 2011, my river camping friend dabu published an app called “Operation Ajax” that tells the story of the 1953 Iranian coup. The app is a combination comic with pages you can flip and cinematic experience with animations you can play, with sound. The production team for the app worked directly with the author of the book All the Shah’s Men, on the same subject.

I read it on iPad in 2017, before ever-incrementing iOS versions ticked it out of the app store. I didn’t know the story (well, the history) at all beforehand, and I found it gripping. The format was not an obstacle for me, as an enthusiastic “early adopter” of rich media productions and owner of an iPad, but I think it’s basically entirely inaccessible to everyone else in talkgroup. lol.

I just Duck Duck Went the search phrase "operation ajax" ipad and found this review of the app: CIA: Operation Ajax Review | 148Apps

Separately, I Duck Duck Went the preceding book, and found this review on the CIA’s own website: All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror — Central Intelligence Agency

which is … fascinating. I haven’t read the actual book myself. But, uh, here is the final paragraph of that review:

Kinzer would have been better off making a less sweeping judgment: that TPAJAX got the CIA into the regime-change business for good—similar efforts would soon follow in Guatemala, Indonesia, and Cuba—but that the Agency has had little success at that enterprise, while bringing itself and the United States more political ill will, and breeding more untoward results, than any other of its activities.14 Most of the CIA’s acknowledged efforts of this sort have shown that Washington has been more interested in strongman rule in the Middle East and elsewhere than in encouraging democracy. The result is a credibility problem that accompanied American troops into Iraq and continues to plague them as the United States prepares to hand over sovereignty to local authorities. All the Shah’s Men helps clarify why, when many Iraqis heard President George Bush concede that "[s]ixty years of Western nations excusing and accommodating the lack of freedom in the Middle East did nothing to make us safe,"15 they may have reacted with more than a little skepticism.


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Hahaha, if I were the CIA, I’d do the same thing to make it easy to track who was talking about it! :rofl:

OMFG, did the CIA invent the WORLD WIDE WEB?!1?