orenji gets an upgrade

This is the first post from the new orenji which is the name of my primary mobile computer. I made the mistake of naming my first computer and was attached to it when I had to let it go. So I name my computer roles instead.

I got a MacBook Pro 15-inch. It replaces the Powerbook 12-inch. It was just getting too sluggish, and I need the extra processor power and RAM.

That computer is now ichigo, Susan’s lappy.

For now I am getting it set up, installing software, updating software, and hopefully get Bootcamp working. The bummer is, I am coming down with something wicked (like a cold). This last week was pretty amazing for me, I learned a lot about my job, and ended up getting a phone (which I need to blog about), and new computer, and a lot of work done. I think I can finally let myself be sick. :slight_smile:


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Rest up friend. Take the time now to recharge, and you’ll cut days off your infirmary.