Other runtimes and use cases

Continuing the discussion from HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points:

Whatcha got? :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this, because I think I’m about to build a monster of a thing, and it relies on HTML, CSS, and JS for the UI, while mostly producing JSON for output.

And then there is #mage-party, which has several sub-domains serving web content for the sole purpose of file transfer between clients. No other web presence there, no human readable API. I like it, makes me feel like I am contributing more to the 'net than the web.

If I knew Vala and GTK and things, I’d love to build desktop interfaces for these networked databases I keep accidentally producing in the background. But then, I can, because I know HTML and CSS. And just enough about JS to get in trouble, but most of the time get what I want.

Now, imagine if someone like me, with my sensibilities, learned JS. Maybe I’d be confident enough to tell browsers to get their shit together, $IN_THIS_VERY_SPECIFIC_WAY.

But I’m also looking for something else, aside from the web. So what’s out there? What can I build?

Er… lisp/scheme?

Planning on dusting off my C++ and then learning Qt too.

I don’t know how well my use cases intersect with maiki’s information engine. I kinda though would like to explore doing more things people lean on javascript for as server side application and scripting though. I think that might be fertile ground for me. I think also moving more code back into that direction has some interesting implications for free software and user freedom.

When I haven’t worn a system administrator hat; ive often kind of seen myself as someone who might be (and has been on rare occasions) an application programmer for honest to god desktop operating systems. As in the more traditional, compiled languages / mostly works offline sense.

Mobile and web applications are rapidly making it seem a bit archaic (though only in the sense people seem to like native applications on their mobile devices, but not their desktops) but its actually kinda where a lot of my passions lie.

I actually have written Java, C#/Gtk apps for my employer on a few occasions a while back. I also at one time toyed a bit heavily with Vala/Gtk. Its been a long while for me though, but doing that sort of thing more regular in my personal time is kinda where im slowly trying to get back to with this lisp/scheme stuff.