Paragon Induction Cooktop experiences

Continuing the discussion from my Paragon Induction Cooktop (FirstBuild):

Now that I’ve used the sous vide function of my electric induction cooktop, I thought I’d make a #prudence entry about it! The software (native mobile apps) is not open-source. Everything about it is a closed system. I do worry about what happens if GE decides to shut down FirstBuild or take the app off the app store! Will someone hack it? Has someone already reverse-engineered the bluetooth signals to open up this tool?

This isn’t true. You can use sous vide mode without the phone. The probe part connects to the cooktop part without a phone required. You can press the up and down buttons to control the temperature of your water bath.

Same with silicone mat mode. You can use it without the phone.

I have been using the phone app, though, because you can tell it what food you’re cooking, and it will basically run a program for you where it automatically sets the target temperature, and shows you a cute timer and even lets you know when to turn your eggs. I’ve scrambled eggs the last three days and did eggs over easy this morning!

In “rapid mode,” it’s not great with the cast iron pan: you can see very clearly that a circle in the center of the cast iron pan gets hot, while the outsides are not hot. I’m trying to heat it up to season in “gentle mode” right now. I’ve bumped up the heat to 325 degrees F just now and I’m rubbing canola oil in with a paper towel.

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Wow, that’s pretty handy! Would be cool for a freedom option.

It reminds me of when folks first gave plants twitter accounts to complain about being thirsty based on moisture sensors. :slight_smile:

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