Password management, 2020

Continuing the discussion from Password management 2019 check-in:

I’ve started going through KeePassXC and setting expiration for passwords.

I have tons of passwords for sites that don’t exists, so I’m using this as a chance to clean it up.

Also, since I’m using two computers these days, I use syncthing to sync my password database, it’s works great!

One issue KeePassXC has is the install from flakpak apparently needs Firefox to be installed in some fashion to use the browser-integration. However, I stopped using Firefox on lime, been using GNOME Web. It’s… adequate.

It’s weird to use a great browser that dies the first time it hits a crappy site… but that is great feedback to the user (me) on which sites are crappy. :woman_shrugging:

Point is: I haven’t been using the browser integration. I’m not sure if that will change with the flatpak install, but I’m getting around it.

KeePassXC 2.6.0 comes with a new and long-awaited feature: The Health Check report lists weak, multiply used, and expired passwords with a severity (red, orange, or yellow) and a score (the lower the score, the worse the password). This article explains how the password assessment works in detail.

Oh, this was posted this morning! That’s very cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t set expiration dates on my passwords, so this won’t be as useful. :slight_smile: But moving forward!