Peace {toast|sign|face}

This morning I quartered toast in such a way that it formed the angled arms of a “peace” symbol. :peace_symbol:

Still, it was toast, and to embrace such a wonder one may require a certain level of maturity. The following discussion happened at an astonishingly fast pace:

m: Ha, I give you: peace toast! ((places plate on table)) See, I cut it like a peace sign.
c: It doesn’t look like a peace sign.
m: I didn’t say it was a peace sign, I said it was peace toast.
c: Well a peace sign is a real thing in the world. ((takes bite))
m: Peace toast is also a real thing in the world, and you just put it in your face.
c: Well maybe it should be called peace face.

At which point I started laughing too much to continue. What a punk! :slight_smile:

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i award you the badge: Peace Face :medal_sports:

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i am SO PLEASED about this

screenshot in case maiki changes the badge

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No one ever awarded me a better badge! :slight_smile:

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