There is a board game called Dragoon, it’s a lot of fun. I’m gonna reskin it as a web game where Pendrai are collecting data-bits from online communities on the interwebs, to Make Awesome Gawd Awful.

I’m at the step of figuring out how to construct the board for a website, and move characters around. Because it’s turn based I think I’ll create a game record and hold an array of possible faces (6*6), and I was worried I wouldn’t know how to find the edges of the map, because honestly I’m not a coder, I just get by, but anyhow something like array_diff to figure out possible coords, and I think I know how to get characters moving around.

That’s what I’ll do. Make them move around.

Step one: make a board.

Other notes:

  • Populate - online communities on the interwebs form, sometimes they get even bigger; I thought multiple levels would be a neat alternative, to make tiles larger targets for destroying
  • Sync - the “tribute”; sync up all the new bits.
  • Give data-bits as rewards, allow players to buy “flair”

Haha, instead of “destroy a village/city” it’s “add drama”. Nothing knocks a community off the interwebs faster than drama!