Pepsi plans to project a giant ad in the night sky using cubesats

I want this dragged to the UN, shut down, and PepsiCo to suffer catastrophic financial disaster. How’s your day going?

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The sky should be free, this is an affront to decency.


I feel like there was some sort of joke about the moon being used as a billboard in some sort of dark existential bleak humor way. Like in a cartoon, or a piece of scifi dystopia. But I can’t remember where.

Im kinda constantly telling a few of my gaming group we allready live in a cyberpunk dystopia; its just way less cool and more banal than we imagined.

Ive added this to my mental pile of proof in that vein.

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There is a Will Smith superhero movie where the idea is played with. The movie is named after the character, I think, and actually was a neat superhero story, but not that great otherwise.

Pretty sure this came up in Invader Zim, too. :slight_smile: