Pi-hole®: A black hole for Internet advertisements

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from Norman Walsh on Twitter: "Best pi on my network. I’ve installed them on two different friend’s networks too after they remarked on how fast and “clean” the internet is when you’re behind one.…"

how many pis are on their network? what are the others doing?

@tim is a pi-fiend. On so many levels.

I might look into this. I do weird stuff at many levels (hosts file, browser plugins, robot servants) to not deal with ads, but others on my network will have no such luck. Tim, you had a go at it? :slight_smile:

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that is … amazing!

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I have not, but it’s on my list! First thing I need to do is assemble my tiny Pi rack first.

Thank you! That is from… 12 years ago. (yikes). Fun fact, I get more email from that project than anything else I’ve done. I get like a couple a year.

I was really hoping to see… something inside when I made it. I was hoping I could maybe see a pattern that wasn’t obvious when viewing numerically… but there isn’t one I could see. :confused: