Pilgrims avoid black holes

The relative slowness of FM radar, compared with the AM pulse radar then in use, was offset by an enormous increment in range that became increasingly important with the advent of aircraft capable of traveling at supersonic speeds.

This is basically why we don’t want “jump” drives. So many ships are gonna jump into something.

But this is why it takes time to calculate the jump. Also, why being a Pilgrim is such an advantage!

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Visionaries can determine which systems would prove most valuable for human expansion. Visionaries can throw their minds across the galaxy, seek out new systems, and analyze their composition. One doesn’t even need to send a ship out if you have a visionary on your team. James Taggart is a visionary. Taggart’s abilities skills are pretty limited, and he had been wrong on more than one occasion.

Taggart has crossed a lot of people over the years, and at least one of them has a Fandom account.


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