PineTab $99 ARM tablet

Should a buy a PineTab? I actively list after the Pixel C I bought for @susan years ago, and refuses to lower in price in aftermarket.

The PineTab runs versions of Linux that probably work for me. The Pixel C has 3GB or RAM, but Android eats it up; PineTab has 2GB. Unlike you chumps, I refuse to visit bullshit websites, so I think it is the form factor I love for the activities I enjoy…

@trashHeap, what do I hate about this machine? :slight_smile:

Not a whole lot. Now that the lima GPU driver is mainline. I think the only binary blobs deal with wifi and bluetooth. If im not mistaken Pine64 put in a lot of good work getting ram initiallization liberated on that SoC. So their actively working to make their architectures more libre with time.

I’ve been eyeballing one myself; mostly for ereading. Which is largely what I use tablets for.

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Sorry, we do not have enough “PINETAB - 10.1” Linux tablet with detached backlit keyboard" in stock to fulfill your order right now. Please try again in 4320 minutes or edit your cart and try again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

So specific!

I didn’t want the keyboard, but that one allowed me to add to cart, I thought they had it in stock.

I might try again tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Someone on Mastodon mentioned they had run completely out of their CE phone models. I think the Pine64 stuff is an unexpected hot commodity in the relevant communities.

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