plant log

judy kills plants. sometimes they revive. zombie plants!

got this little guy a year ago from the tuesday farmer’s market. it looked so sad. its little leaves kept getting cut by the sharp sides of the container. i meant to get a new container for it but never did. mai kept it alive for me.

i finally repotted it! just a few days ago!

look how much happier its baby leaves are!


two years ago i received some dwarf sunflower seeds as a gift. i just planted them this week. i got the container from grossout. i added some wildflower seeds another friend who moved to nyc gave me.

nothing to see here… yet!

how does your garden grow?

i am plantsitting this money tree for a while. she was leaning over so i put in more soil–mix of cactus and indoor potting soil. i think this is a great spot for her vacation!

bonus baby amp!

this little guy is at least 3 years old. it keeps dying and reviving over and over again. it was green earlier this week but now it’s brown.

i think i overwatered it. or maybe it doesn’t like outside. should i move it back inside?

this is Melissa The Hungry. she is a venus fly trap. when aforementioned friends moved to nyc, they bequeathed her to me. she was named by another mutual coworker when he was plantsitting her a few years ago. i only agreed to adopt her because they assured me she was the hardiest venus fly trap they’d ever seen.

she is super robust! i fed her bloodworms a few times early this year. but then she got eaten by cats. it was sad.

i’ve put her on a way higher shelf. she’s growing shoots like crazy. i think she’s doing well.


she drinks only distilled water, so i’m keeping a jug right next to her. you’re supposed to leave her roots soaking in gross water because she wants to live in a swamp.

soon she will grow traps again, and then there will be LOTS of pictures of her eating!


Sad fern is very, very sad. Will try to revive!

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aww poor fern. do post any progress! what steps are you taking to revive?

I only watered it. I could add some fertilizer? But lo, it’s doing well again!


would that this fern were a time fern, and we all learned to bounce back like it


the little sunflower seedlings :seedling: grow bigger every day!

this money tree is a guest in our home. the cats have eaten the leaves they could reach and aren’t eating it anymore. i hope.

something has chewed through two of the dwarf sunflower seedlings!

something is chewing tiny holes in the peppermint.

the mountain sage is doing great. it’s in a hanging planter under the redwoods.

the arugula has taken!

i waited too long to plant the irises and their very tall green leaves all died. but i planted the things that are not bulbs and i thought for a few weeks all was lost, but look! little shoots! they’re resilient!

happy about that.

the spider plants have produced beautiful little white flowers. i didn’t get a picture but they were so cute and i’ve never seen them before.

the nasturtium is chugging along!

indoor plant update.

hmm, the money tree has looked happier in the past. maybe i need to water it more?

cactus is same as ever. the romaine heart heel (is that what you’d call it?) was growing well in water, so i put on top of the fishy, but it wasn’t submerged in water enough so it died. i pulled it out and am seeing what happens if i keep watering it.

air plant is doing well.

melissa the hungry is not doing so hot. i check her water every day but maybe i need to top her off more often. or is she not getting enough sun?

the little white flowers on the spider plant opened back up again! they were closed in the morning. or maybe they’re new ones.

hope the venus fly trap likes being out in the sun.

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