"Portable" radio on the Moon

Armstrong and his new wife Esther Marion MacInnis in Palm Beach in 1923. The radio is a portable superheterodyne that Armstrong built as a present for her.


I read Armstrong and instantly thought of Neil Armstrong, then was even more confused about when the moon landing happened. It started seeming more of a Charles Dickens visit to the moon.

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From Edwin Howard Armstrong - Wikipedia

Armstrong’s FM system was also used for communications between NASA and the Apollo program astronauts. (He is of no known relation to Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong.)

Hey, that’s cool! I have a note here…

You inherit your grand guardian’s ranch, in Moon Valley, the first city on the moon.

Collect a bunch of experiences from different periods of time, and group then into chronology that tells the story of how we got to the moon, but also the things that happened along the way.

Draw on diverse experiences from all over, so it tells an interesting story for everyone, and to show how people change a lot over time.

The idea was at one point we store artifacts on the Moon, as a cold storage for Museums, but a lunar quake break such a vault and they have to be re-discovered from the rubble (which is like, a sidequest, the main part is terraforming the Moon plot you inherited!).