Practical ways to cool down a computer

I’ve been hearing from folks that computers are overheating, because folks are shut-in and it’s a heat wave in some parts and they use their computers all day. The interesting parts are the methods folks have come up with to cool them down, including “putting them on ice”, whatever that means.

I thought we’d discuss practical ways to cool down a computer, maybe peak behind the curtain to see what’s happening.

I’ll start with my super amazing tips: don’t use computers as much.

I build technology systems, but most of my work is done with pen and paper and brain. But also, I don’t look anything up as soon as I can; I create research lists and create a research context, so I can do, ya know, research, without wasting time or cycles, both of which contribute to the heat issue. :slight_smile:

I think there is something to say for keeping a computer system updated, though for windows and macos users I’m not sure there is much to be done, except next time you buy a computer think of your actual life and if “shiny” is better than “stays cool and can always receive updates”… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whatcha got?