Procedural CYOA static site with tagged player exits

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I started reading the article linked at How to Make a Roguelike, because maybe we’ll make one, and got an idea: create a CYOA generator with a static site generator, so each time it builds, there is a new CYOA set of web docs somewhere. They have an order and an end, but some are deadends. Could be death in the context of the fiction, or losing the trail, or whatever. Anyhow! Because all the components are linked and stuff, each step into a page can add a tag, some keyword, to each page after it in the path. When you “perish”, it generates a link to, oh I don’t know, Tag the event, and then on subsequent loads, you can random include the corpses/loot/best times of players that had actually been in a representation of the static randomly generated document as the current resource user.

And that my friends, is a hat on top of a hat!