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I have this game stash. It is maybe… 20, 30 games? RPGs, board games, cards. I went nuts on crowdfunders years ago, and I still haven’t opened most of these.

But I gotta, because I don’t want to store dead weight, and games at least deserve to be played once. Unless they don’t, in which case we’ll find out very soon. :slight_smile:

First step will be to get a list going, and figure out the types of groups needed to play. Some of them I can take to the Hub, some of them to friends’ places, and some I can even play here! Looking at you, ALL THE FATE CORE BOOKS. :grimacing:


Pretty much the bulk of the stash, cleverly disguised as a stash of games!

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So. Many. Games.

Gonna try to make a list from my phone, and eyeballing the boxes.

  • Ascension (card game)
  • Entropy, by Rule and Make
  • Clairvoyance, by 4 eye games
  • Monikers, by Palm Court
  • Heartcatchers, by Emma Larkins
  • Young Centurians, by Evil Hat
  • Atomic Robo + Majestic 12, by Evil Hat
  • Dragoon, by Lay Waste Games
  • Ruse of Cthulhu, by Chuck D. Yager
  • Superfight, Loot Crate Edition
  • Chalice, by James Mayor
  • Backstory Cards, by Ryan Macklin
  • Epic PVP Fantasy, by AEG
  • Lost Woods, by Poppy Jasper Games
  • Don’t Turn Your Back, by Evil Hat
  • Spirits of the Rice Paddy, by APE
  • Mistfall, by Passport
  • Pandante, by Sirlin Games
  • Nova Cry, by Steve Easton

Okay! I’ve got a few RPG books around somewhere else, but I’ll get to those eventually. Next is to get some vitals on all these games, so I can see what can be played in which context. :slight_smile:

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I have some nice memories of playing Ascension with you guys!

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