Process the meta awesome list

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I already see some lists I want to deep dive, how about you?

Wow, we are at the half-way point for Misc.!

If these are in Misc., what’s in the “regular” categories?!

DTrace is a program that lets you see what kernel syscalls a program is making on unix operating systems (macOS, BSD, Solaris, etc). It’s analogous to strace on Linux

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OMG, the lists have started becoming -tans in my head! Based on their layouts and content, the update frequency and state of the world, each of them have personalities that emerge before my eyes… :smile:

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Almost done with misc! I’m gonna push through on the next one, and then we’ll get to the list of lists like other lists. I’m sure that will be an improvement. :face_with_monocle:

Hey, hey. We did it! We got through Misc.! Now I’m gonna go close that poll, and next time we’ll see… books! :slight_smile:

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Whee! Books!

First thing I notice: not a lot of lists here. That much mean they capture all the awesome books, ne?!

Well, if processing the misc section has taught me anything it is that anyone can call a list awesome and be done with itthe lists are very MS-Git-centric. The culture is GitHub, whatever that means.

What I’m getting at is, let’s go ahead and place our bar on the ground for the awesome books lists list.

  • mirror/free-programming-books - - Calling this a “list” is kinda inaccurate. It was taken over by a non-profit, and is available in 28 languages. Has a website (makes sense) hosting on MS-Git (:roll_eyes:). As for the content, it is free in the “access” sense, and spot checking it not very often in the free culture sense. Would be good to track down the free culture stuff, though! Also: massive.
  • mirror/awesome-software-quality - - Teaching software to take tests will lead to our downfall!
  • mirror/GoBooks - -Annoys me the same way “awesome board games” does, layout-wise. Also, loads images from all over. :roll_eyes: But maybe good and free books on golang?
  • mirror/rbooks - - Ugh, more awful books layout. Except with this list, 10,000 :nerd:s just leaned forward over their Macbooks.
  • mirror/Mind-Expanding-Books - - I really want to be into this, but their table markdown doesn’t work in Gitea, and glancing at the source output, it just looks like a big table of titles, authors, Goodreads ratings, and years published. For reals. Why would I trust those to be awesome?
  • mirror/awesome-book-authoring - - Hmmm. Technical book authoring. This list loves Scott Meyers.
  • mirror/ElixirBooks - - If you were expecting online editions of occult manuscripts depicting alchemical formulae that controls the very designs of reality… I’m sorry, some other folks decided to name their software thing Elixir, and these books are about that.

Damn dawg, even though I set the bar down over there, I am still let down by the books section of the awesome list.

Are there non-MS-Git lists for things like, awesome solar punk or awesome alt speculative fiction?

Next time: Decentralized Systems!

Okay, systems that evolve and grow, with no central failure point! Humans doing it for themselves!

:rofl: This is MS-Git! All about that blockchain, baby!

So basically Awesome Mastodon needs to move to the misc section, and we can drop this one completely. :roll_eyes:

Next is… #gaming! Whoo! How disappointed shall we be (it looks kinda cool)!

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The quality of the gaming lists are all over the place. Love2D makes such great use of their art everywhere I see it:

I’m particularly interested in those game engines, of course. And I wonder how much of the MS-Blocks are applicable to minetest… :slight_smile:

Next time: #learn!

This wasn’t bad! I kinda expect there to be a directory for learning resources for any given thing, and yet I haven’t deciphered, “what makes an ‘awesome list’”?

Next up: programing languages… yay… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For programming languages I’m only gonna process the novel and interesting. Otherwise, it’s just a list of languages, and for this format it doesn’t make much sense to explain each one in a line, and I’m not a programmer, so I’ve got nothing to comment.

Ya know what, when has that ever stopped the idiots of the world from saying their piece. Here we go! Ahem: programming languages!

Argh, so long and that’s just the JS sub-list! To finish out this post I’m gonna hit all the other langs with sub-lists:

OMFG we did it! Can through the sublists of the programming languages! Awesome lists world is awesome in the scope of what feels accomplished! List!

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Okay, I’ve got 11% battery, and you know that’s probably a lie, so we have to get through the rest of this list with guts!


We did it! We mirrored and snarkily described all the awesome programming language list banana candle beehive words use to make cents.

Whoo, such technical, so list! But next time we get to go over…

back-end development…


So… what is back-end development? It’s like a PBTA, a session move! If we learned something about back-end development, we each mark an experience point.

End of Session

When you reach the end of a session answer these three questions as a group:

  • Did we learn something new and important about the lists?
  • Did we overcome a prejudice or popular understanding?
  • Did we uncover a memorable treasure?

For each “yes” answer everyone marks XP.

Whee! Next up is… development environment.

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And mirrored at mirror/awesome-hugo - :slight_smile:

The existence of a “development environment” category describes a lot about the nature of “awesome lists”. But we didn’t come here to wax poetsophical!

We’ve covered back-end and environment, now to conquer the so-called… FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT!!1!

These fronts aren’t gonna develop their ends on their own, ya know?!

Lappy is about die, so I’m gonna wrap up this portion, and will try to get through the rest of these things later. :slight_smile: