Process the meta awesome list

Made a mirror at mirror/awesome - That is the meta-awesome list. Now I don’t have to go to GitHub to check it, and as most of them also point to git repos, I will just mirror them as I feel.

Funnily, that page links to media over HTTP, the CC0 logo from Creative Commons. :slight_smile:

Here’s the plan: every few days I’m gonna look at the list of lists, and make note of the lists. Of course I’m gonna snarkily comment on the topics, but I’m not gonna dive into any of the actual lists… that’s what #quest-board is for! Instead of processing all these exhausting lists, I’m just gonna make a new tag for them and add discovery quests of the lists that I personally find interesting. :sunglasses:

To make it more fun, we’re gonna do some weird voting to prioritize the listing!

Up to 7 choices, you can’t see the results until you vote! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I just found out polls in Discourse can only have 20 options (good to know!), but there are 24 options here… so I dropped off Business, Work, Miscellaneous, and Related. I’ll review Related real quick, and the other three we’ll just let float until we get the urge.

  • Platforms
  • Programming Languages
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Computer Science
  • Big Data
  • Theory
  • Books
  • Editors
  • Gaming
  • Development Environment
  • Entertainment
  • Databases
  • Media
  • Learn
  • Security
  • Content Management Systems
  • Hardware
  • Networking
  • Decentralized Systems

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You have successfully created the second repo on! Congrats! You get this red balloon :balloon: and cake! :cake:!



There are two linked items in this section:

  •, which loads Google Fonts, but otherwise doesn’t seem horrible. I go for a more systematic approach, to this might be interesting to use if I somehow forget something. Like, how to use search on talkgroup.
  •, which loads scripts from Microsoft, Google, and Cloudflare, some combination of which find repo info. Someone let me know if it works, and in doing so feel an appropriate trade-off. :slight_smile:

I was browsing through the Misc. section, and some of the most interesting links are there. So I’ve decided to do that one first. When I’m don’t, I’ll close the poll, and we’ll have an order (or the first part of one!).


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Continuing mirror/awesome -

Well, I was about to check out, but something is wonky on ATC, and it isn’t rendering for me. @tim, thoughts?

@maiki that is super weird, and the only repo with problems. All the others I tested were fine. I’ll check logs tomorrow.

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I deleted it and tried over, same deal. But since then I’ve cloned other repos fine.

No biggie, answers is just links to answering sites, all of which are complicit in the surveillance state, so… next! :slight_smile:

  • mirror/awesome-sketch - - Sketch is a mac design app.
  • mirror/awesome-projects-boilerplates - - OMFG, I love boilerplates! I probably need to build a pattern library, to hold all the boilerplates, palettes, fonts, styleguides…
  • mirror/awesome-readme - - This is pretty neat, though looking at it I immediately want to create records for each item; the descriptions of interesting READMEs are basically tags. Looks fun.
  • mirror/ToolsOfTheTrade - - An amazing collection of tables comparing pricing and description of various services. For folks trapped in making such decisions, good tool to have.
  • mirror/guides - - Nice! Writing guides for a bunch of things, mostly programming languages. But other stuff, too.
  • mirror/engineering-blogs - - This is an amazing list of blogs sorted by companies, individuals, and technologies! However, I have to add it should be “engineering” in quotes, as very few of those blogs will encourage actually engineering software.
  • mirror/awesome-selfhosted - - Oh you know we are gonna spend some time with this list! It is not an exaggeration for me to say I’ve read through every one of those links, learned about their projects, and formed opinions about them, multiple times. It will be nice to finally get it documented. :slight_smile:
  • mirror/awesome-foss-apps - - “This list is for developers who are looking for non-trivial quality applications they can analyze and learn from.” Daaaaamn. Some nice picks on there, too. Includes an empty “mobile apps” section.

Hey, have you noticed the misc section is kinda awesome? Glad I started here! Also, looks like books is gonna be the next section. All four active voters have spoken! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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100% books!!

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I already see some lists I want to deep dive, how about you?

Wow, we are at the half-way point for Misc.!

If these are in Misc., what’s in the “regular” categories?!

DTrace is a program that lets you see what kernel syscalls a program is making on unix operating systems (macOS, BSD, Solaris, etc). It’s analogous to strace on Linux

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OMG, the lists have started becoming -tans in my head! Based on their layouts and content, the update frequency and state of the world, each of them have personalities that emerge before my eyes… :smile:

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Almost done with misc! I’m gonna push through on the next one, and then we’ll get to the list of lists like other lists. I’m sure that will be an improvement. :face_with_monocle:

Hey, hey. We did it! We got through Misc.! Now I’m gonna go close that poll, and next time we’ll see… books! :slight_smile:

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Whee! Books!

First thing I notice: not a lot of lists here. That much mean they capture all the awesome books, ne?!

Well, if processing the misc section has taught me anything it is that anyone can call a list awesome and be done with itthe lists are very MS-Git-centric. The culture is GitHub, whatever that means.

What I’m getting at is, let’s go ahead and place our bar on the ground for the awesome books lists list.

  • mirror/free-programming-books - - Calling this a “list” is kinda inaccurate. It was taken over by a non-profit, and is available in 28 languages. Has a website (makes sense) hosting on MS-Git (:roll_eyes:). As for the content, it is free in the “access” sense, and spot checking it not very often in the free culture sense. Would be good to track down the free culture stuff, though! Also: massive.
  • mirror/awesome-software-quality - - Teaching software to take tests will lead to our downfall!
  • mirror/GoBooks - -Annoys me the same way “awesome board games” does, layout-wise. Also, loads images from all over. :roll_eyes: But maybe good and free books on golang?
  • mirror/rbooks - - Ugh, more awful books layout. Except with this list, 10,000 :nerd:s just leaned forward over their Macbooks.
  • mirror/Mind-Expanding-Books - - I really want to be into this, but their table markdown doesn’t work in Gitea, and glancing at the source output, it just looks like a big table of titles, authors, Goodreads ratings, and years published. For reals. Why would I trust those to be awesome?
  • mirror/awesome-book-authoring - - Hmmm. Technical book authoring. This list loves Scott Meyers.
  • mirror/ElixirBooks - - If you were expecting online editions of occult manuscripts depicting alchemical formulae that controls the very designs of reality… I’m sorry, some other folks decided to name their software thing Elixir, and these books are about that.

Damn dawg, even though I set the bar down over there, I am still let down by the books section of the awesome list.

Are there non-MS-Git lists for things like, awesome solar punk or awesome alt speculative fiction?

Next time: Decentralized Systems!

Okay, systems that evolve and grow, with no central failure point! Humans doing it for themselves!

:rofl: This is MS-Git! All about that blockchain, baby!

So basically Awesome Mastodon needs to move to the misc section, and we can drop this one completely. :roll_eyes:

Next is… #gaming! Whoo! How disappointed shall we be (it looks kinda cool)!

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