Process the Nextcloud apps

I’ve begun using Nextcloud for my work, and there are actually a lot of apps that seem okay. The apps directory used to look very crufty, with few third-party apps being useful.

Anyhow, I’m gonna process the apps! My plan is to go through the “first-party”/“official” apps, as they should be the most stable. And then we’ll do the rest, probably via category voting, because that’s my jam.

But we are gonna do something special for this one: we’re gonna host an instance specifically for testing! And we’re gonna stress test it by inviting bunches of people to join!

In part for my own experience, and also I don’t want to mess up my own instance experimenting with plugins. :slight_smile:

We’ll shut it down afterward, and maybe spin up a new one in a year or two, when I find it novel again…

Hmmm, that means I should go spin up an instance, and also probably meta-thread the install.

Ya know, each time I think Nextcloud + app may be the tool I need, I realize Discourse kinda does it, and is surprisingly more fun to deal with.

I think it might have to do with life choices. I am not currently into centralized file storage, beyond publishing to public websites.