Processing talkgroup

I started processing the very old, open posts here on talkgroup.

I made a page on my site to list them:

I’ll probably add more lists of posts there. But it won’t be updated very often, just when I process stuff. And that happens once every 17 days, so… :slight_smile:

What is “processing”? Whatever I can do to hit the “archive” button, which both closes a thread, and a couple of other time related things. Remember, talkgroup is slow-churning top-soil digital chaff. We want wisdom and knowledge.

Sometimes that means continuing the conversation. Other times one or more quests are created, and link back to their conversation starters, so we can continue the exploration. And still other times I just hit archive. Conversation over. Folks can start new topics.

Here’s an interesting thread. So, what do I want to do with this? Let’s start at the top:

  • the WaPo link is corrupted by ad popups
  • there are some stats I’d like to check against current research, if any
  • Susan has a bunch of quotable lines I’d like to catch and preserve somewhere, such as, “Story telling of all kinds is engaging and I think that its odd that we stop this activity when a child exhibits the ability to read to themselves.”
  • Follow up with Tim, compare podcasts for our kids, likely generating quests

There was another link, from KQED, but it was really good, and I want to process it separately.

This is new to me, so I’m trying to break it down into smaller parts, figure out what I want that way.

Interesting to show I’ve been working on this issue for at least a couple years (though I think I’ve dealt with a form of it for decades…). Anyhow, I created, as a kind of bucket-duplex system.

I realized that to process talkgroup as a site, I’d need a separate talkgroup as a site. And that seems like a horrible idea, but I’m open, so I looked at that path, shed some expectations, and now have two talkgroups as a site.

Currently, I’m processing #interi, and will eventually auto-bump topics in other talkgroup categories. But when I’m in a position (or someone else, totally open to that!) to process more content, I will. It involves asking oneself, “does this category have a theme, and does it create a set of content that can be made more useful?”

And if not we might just have a default text archive option, or delete it (I’m not about erasing the past, I’m just okay letting go of non-discussions, like a single link share, stuff like that).

We have a new talkgroup at previously - talkgroup and have used it to shut down a v1 talkgroup, #galaxys-end at Previously, on Galaxy's End - talkgroup. That shows one approach of using v2 to process v1. I’m sure others may come up with other ways. :slight_smile: