Profiles (a gayme)

I had an idea for a game where the primary reward is being able to manipulate the profiles of other users, including names and avatars! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how to generate the resource, but I’m hoping to use some existing and fun game loop and use it to parody social media or something.

The idea is that each user is generated without real profile info, but can do the loop to unlock profile parts. But of course others can do the same, everywhere! It’s one big group profiling game! But not ominous, just… weird.

Imagine getting to set up a profile for your friend! How would you present them? What would their interests be? How #nieu-80 can we crank this sucker up to?!

Rather than allow free-form text, the players vote for new options, and then wield them against each other. And while I want to allow the ugliest designs possible, I’ll use some clever contrast math to ensure the profiles stay mostly legible.