PS games on GCW Zero?

Does that mean my GCW Zero plays PS games?!


I think so. You just need a recentish build of PSX4ALL. Might need to update your GCW Zero firmware/OS if you haven’t in a long time. The semi official GCW Zero section of the dingoonity forums, has the download for PSX4ALL, in the releases subforum.

Might be hard on any dual analog games that really benefit from dual analogs, but you could play quite a few games. The dualshock controller actually wasn’t the launch controller for the playstation so most games outside of a few don’t require all of the extras it brought with it.

I’ve played many a PSX JRPG with just a single analog or no analog.

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I will add ironically, it looks like PSX4ALL got a lot of development love beginning almost exactly around the time, I shelved my GCW Zero, and then gave it away while moving.

Id be curious to hear your experiences with it @maiki it SOUNDS vastly imrpvoed on paper, but sometimes trying emulators out on real games is the best way to know.