Public review service

An idea to leverage my expertise in webcraft, but also because I habitually use my brain: website reviews, where I will give and explain constructive feedback.

$5 for five minutes, posted as a public document on my website, expires (deletes) after 30 days (I won’t review the same thing twice in that period).

To do this all I need is a form. I should do this.

Let’s see, the intake form needs only a few things:

  • URL field
  • payment (collection of fields, probably going to Stripe)

Actually, I think that’s it. I believe I have to collect an email with payment, so that’s included, but I’m not going to use it, Stripe will when it sends a receipt.

I do need a way to connect the person paying with the review I publish, so I’ll send a message when the review is published, consisting of a link.

As for the actual content, it will live in a repo that gets pulled into my website at build time. I’ll need to create a text file for each one, and to make it easy on myself I’ll autogenerate text based on attributes I note for a given resource.

That means when a person submits the form to review a resource I’ll use their submitted data and my attributes as form options to generate a quick text file I can just add to the site.


This seems a bit of an over-optimization. I can just create a review in place. :roll_eyes: