Pulse Oximeter for a tuna?

My friend suggested that I obtain a pulse oximeter. She got one after getting sick several months ago and she now knows that sometimes her oxygen levels get low, but standing up and walking around returns her oxygen levels to normal ranges. (The first time she observed this, she was under the supervision of a medical professional.) Since we have some similar long-term symptoms, she suggested I also monitor my oxygen levels at rest and moving. She used the data to change her behavior (instead of staying very still, she now takes short walks 5 times a day) and she feels better. So the working theory is if there was data showing my body has more oxygen when I move for short periods of time, it would help me change my behavior and feel better, too.

I did one fast internet search and read one article: Should You Really Have a Pulse Oximeter at Home? > Stories at Yale Medicine … I sum up this article as saying “no, we think most people don’t really need a pulse oximeter, but also anxiety is a thing.” I’m not getting it to see if I have COVID-19, though. I’d be getting it to manage symptoms of something else that’s chronic. I also don’t use my sleep apnea machine, and I know Anyway, I haven’t decided.

I just think it’s funny because I love meters so much that we have a Tunameter 'round these parts.

What happens if your oxygen goes over 9000?!

That seems reasonable to me. :slight_smile: Your story proceeds this particular pandemic.

What does it actually look like, though? How does it work? Is it invasive?

Oh, “pulse”. A wrist thing? Are they accurate? It’s like a specialized fitness tracker?

proceeds --> precedes, probably? ^^

you clip it on your finger. i’ve had them clipped to my fingertip at every doctor’s appt i can remember for the last few years.

i just read this article which has more info about what a pulse oximeter does and how, and more experts saying “use caution”

i used to use walgreens as my pharmacy so here is Pulse Oximeters | Walgreens

i wondered if there’s a version that records overnight for sleep apnea patients and yes How To Use Portable Pulse Oximeter To Track Sleep Apnea Treatment?

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the muse 2 comes with a pulse oximeter $294.98 A Comprehensive Review Of The Muse Meditation Headband After 100 Days Of Use hahahahahahahaha no judy stop. STOP

(i first saw/tried the first muse or maybe even first muse prototypes at some of the brain hackinf meetups in sf i used to go to with an igg coworker. it was a consumer eeg and marketed as a medical device. it is HILARIOUS to watch the entire company/chatter about the device switch to meditation gamification because that’s what rich people want. lol)

i didn’t stop.

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promising, $80: Garmin vívofit® 4 | Fitness Activity Tracker

  • oximetry
  • heart rate
  • you can set an alarm for if your heart rate goes up beyond some number

example of an offering from another brand, $178: Wellue SleepU Wrist Pulse Oximeter. Vibration for Low Oxygen Levels – Wellue Health.

lol if you find all three parts for a philips dreamstation oximeter it’s $1000:

$34.95 normal
with bluetooth LE haha: $49.95